Plastic in a Nutshell PART 03: How to Make it Your Friend Not Your Foe

Plastic in a Nutshell PART 03: How to Make it Your Friend Not Your Foe

Welcome to Part 03 of Plastic in a Nutshell. If you have come this far in the series I wholeheartedly thank you! In Part 01 and 02 we covered the history of plastic, the pros and cons, how plastic is used today and the environmental issues caused by plastic. It can make for a heavy read but now it’s time to lighten it up a bit and discuss just how we can make plastic our friend because when it comes to friendship, the more the merrier, right?

So, are you keen to know how you can substitute everyday plastic items for more sustainable alternatives, and how to implement a greener mindset? Here at Gold Scout we believe in embracing sustainability without substituting style, don’t you? Of course you do! This is why we researched some seriously on trend brands to keep your lifestyle chic and eco-friendly.

Sustainable Brands To Help You Live Greener

Look around you, how many items within close proximity are made of plastic? The truth is it doesn’t have to be this way! With so many brands taking a pledge of sustainability you can now turn your home, office, wardrobe, anything really into a biodegradable wonderland.

Check out some of these inspiring environmentally friendly eco-brands to help you get the ball rolling:

  • HappyxNature: The new eco-friendly clothing brand by Kate Hudson strives to make a difference for this generation and generations to come. Their goal is to make free-spirited fashion that minimises the impact on non-renewable resources. From jeans made out of two recycled plastic bottles to bi-degradable shipping bags that will decompose in 12-18 months, this label indeed puts the fun into fashion forward.
Kate Hudson Happy x Nature
  • Supercyclers: This movement really hits the nail on the head because in the process of creating stunning sustainable products they also aim to transform our perception of waste materials in the process. Supercyclers doesn’t sacrifice style in their quest for eco-friendly design, because they believe in making the discarded, desirable (love that!). With a sleek selection of home wares from chairs and lamps to dinner sets and coffee tables, Supercyclers handpicks the most innovative designers around the globe to solve the environmental issues of the day one plastic bag at a time.
Huskee Cup Gold Scout Plastic in a Nutshell
  • Helen Milan: Beautiful, ethical and low impact, Helen Milan creates sustainable home and travel goods for simple living and always ships plastic free. With a range of products available from kitchenware, bath items, lifestyle, travel and even a baby and children’s collection, for Helen Milan life is about living intentionally and consciously, focusing your energy on what matters while harnessing meaningful connections with people and nature. Isn’t that simply stunning? Her products speak for themselves – an eco-friendly heaven!

  • Veja: Right now the ethical shoe game is strong and if you love shoes (who doesn’t) this is great news! There is nothing more disheartening than falling in love with a pair of shoes only to find out they don’t meet your environmental values. Veja which is available online from The Iconic is a favourite of Megan Markle and for good reason! Made out of organic materials, sustainably harvested rubber as well as focusing on fair-trade and vegan options! Wow! Annnnd to top it off, to minimise waste they only create footwear on demand. GENIUS.
Veja Vegan Shoes Gold Scout
  • Gold ScoutOk, Ok, so this is some shameless self-promotion but for good reason! If you want to move the sustainable experience outside without minimising on style - a Sunday afternoon picnic might be just what the doctor ordered! The LUX Picnic Rug is reducing our landfill by being made strictly from 110 recycled plastic water bottles. Be at one with nature while also helping nature. Stay tuned for more Gold Scout experiences coming soon.

The LUX Picnic Rug Gold Scout

    The Eco-Friendly Glassware is Half Full

    As we wrap up our Plastic in a Nutshell series I hope that you have not only discovered ways that plastic is being renewed to move our planet forward but also ways to renew your faith in plastic. If you have ever had a loved one undergo life saving surgery we do have plastic to thank for making it possible, if you are a design enthusiast now is the time to lust over the stunning design concepts being dreamed up by eco-friendly revolutionary designers.

    The great thing about sustainability is that all it takes is a little imagination and whole lot of love for planet earth to reinvent the environmental wheel. The eco-friendly community is real and growing everyday. It’s a global initiative that we can all be part of. By being aware, creative and passionate we can all develop a greener mindset. Plastic no longer has to be our foe, it really can be our friend, and it is up to us to make a healthy relationship with plastic happen.

    Gold Scout Team X

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