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I remember hearing the term entrepreneur and having no idea what that meant. “What does he do?”, “Oh, they’re an entrepreneur, always got something on the go”. Say What? I’m positive I later misspelled it when typing it into my best friend google. This is when I knew I always wanted to be one.

The day I was introduced as an entrepreneur was so pride filling for me. And in the same moment, I felt like a fraud. I haven’t done anything. I’m not sure I’ll ever make it. This lack of confidence drives me insane. There are many factors that contribute to this and some I’m not even aware of. It frustrates me most because I know better. If my friend told me the insecurities I have about being a so called “entrepreneur” I’d list all the ways they are more than worthy of that title.

I’m so grateful I live in a time when women can rise up and lead innovation teams, run multi-million dollar companies, create change in their immediate community or even the world! So while I have my moments of doubt, I’m thankful for the Mothers, Sisters and Daughters killing it to provide for their families, achieve their dream goals and inspire others.

I received a message from a GS supporter, who’s been there from day dot, on the other side of the world. Her and her partner have started their own swimwear label using re-purposed fishnets. She said I was the reason they chose this Eco-material. It instantly hit my heart and filled me with pride and the drive to keep going with my head up. Just because I haven’t sold a single product, doesn’t mean I’m not making an impact by not trying. I then thought about my boss at work who said she did a grocery shop and felt proud telling me she didn’t buy a single item wrapped in plastic. I was beaming! I've gifted my partner a set of reusable bamboo cutlery...His best friend now has a set of his own!

It may seem small on the grand scheme of things but it would be more disappointing to not have tried at all.

Below, not only for your reference but mine too, are 3 female entrepreneurs who have and continue to, inspire change

Lauren Singer

You may have heard about Lauren as the girl who can fit “4 years of trash in a Mason Jar”. (It’s now been 5!) Lauren is leading by example through her popular blog, ‘Trash is for Tossers’. In 2014 she opened a store in New York City, ‘Package Free’. Apart from selling her own brand of organic laundry detergent, ‘The Simple Co.’, Package Free stock brands that help promote sustainable living.


Jane Goodall

Widely known for her ground-breaking research on chimpanzees and her Environmental activism, Jane Goodall is a UN Messenger of Peace. Her foundation, ‘The Jane Goodall Institute’, works towards creating harmony between people, from all over the world, and their environment. “…unless we help the people to improve their lives, there was no way we could even try to save the precious chimpanzees”. Jane, who turned 85 this year, travels the world spreading the need for change and the importance of sustainability.

Ronnie Kahn

If you’re not Australian, you may not have heard of ‘OzHarvest’, an Australian national food collection charity founded by Ronni Kahn in 2004. After working in events and witnessing the huge volume of good food going to waste, Ronni started collecting surplus food with her van and delivering it to those in need. Ozharvest today rescues more than 180 tonnes of food per week. Most recently Ronni and her team opened up a Rescue Supermarket with the philosophy of ‘take what you need, give if you can’.  The team now has ambitions to take the model global, and it would never have been possible without Ronnie challenging and changing the law to allow companies to donate surplus food.


Who else should be on our list?

Kate X

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