1. Surround and have or hold within



  1. An occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors, especially during an outing to the countryside

encompass picnic


  1. The feeling/sensation within from spending time in nature and sharing it with those you love on a picnic

It's true ol' mamma nature bears us many gifts; beautiful blooms, breathtaking sunsets, mouth-watering fruits (they’re countless really). But have you thought much about how she makes you feel? Or when you share that experience with others?

In our fast-paced technological age, it’s becoming almost a necessity to switch-off and connect with nature. Research suggests we’re even better people when we spend time outdoors, the same is said for spending quality time with friends and family. An encompass picnic allows you to slow down, switch-off and connect with the finer things in life; friends and loved ones, good food and of course the beauty of nature.

Some of the key benefits of dining alfresco include improved mood, reduced stress and aggression, stronger relationships and a boost in creativity. We also tend to make better food choices.

Gold Scout aspires to encourage people to improve their well-being and appreciation for our planet and all that it provides us by getting out and enjoying the benefits of nature, and what’s more fun, easy and free than a picnic?

We asked event stylist Hannah Lange from @picnicsbyhannah what makes the perfect picnic experience.

What’s your ideal picnic situation?

I think nothing beats watching the sunset over an amazing view, with a glass of wine and someone you love.

What has been your favourite picnic to date and why? 

This is a tough question! I recently had my first same sex proposal. I think it was my favourite so far because it meant so much to me and my personal beliefs. This couple had been together for over 20 years and finally they have been recognised as equal, with the new marriage equality laws. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy and so honoured to be a part of their journey.

What feels do you get when sharing a picnic?

I've really come to realise that what I do isn't just creating a lovely picnic, it’s about creating a special moment and experience that people won't forget. Whether it be creating a romantic proposal or creating a baby shower picnic, each picnic creates the opportunity for people to spend time together, it could be to celebrate or to just reconnect and recharge. I know I always feel incredibly refreshed after spending time with loved ones in nature. 

What’s on your must pack list?

A gorgeous rug (of course). Nothing ruins a picnic setting quite like an ugly rug. A grazing platter, a bottle of wine and some pretty glasses and a pack of cards. 

Any tips for a novice picnic goer?

Keep a lovely rug and a couple of wine glasses in your car, that way if you find yourself in an amazing location you've got your starting point for a picnic. If you aren't used to spending time in the great outdoors, you might want to add bug spray to your list.

 Join the movement and share with us when you’re on your next #encompasspicnic

Kate X

Photographer - Liam Foster

Stylist - Hannah Lange

Location - Dry Ridge Estate

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